Breaking It Down

Okay, so we only have so much room to explain chemistry—bear with us. Let’s start with what makes us different:

We G.E.T. how to bring the best out of CBD. Our proprietary formulation of GlycoXanthin, Envisomes™, and Terpenes (G.E.T.!) create a super CBD delivery machine that works like no other.

All science, no B.S. G.E.T. it!?
Yeah, I G.E.T. it, but how does it all work?

For that answer, let’s meet the other team of three. Want to really nerd out? Check out our ingredients list.

GlycoXanthin—Our Mother Ship

A patented matrix that opens up special pores on the skin, and encourages long-lasting relief. GlycoXanthin activates natural proteins that help relieve and revitalize the skin. This allows our unique Envisomes™ to carry CBD deep into the skin.

Envisomes™—Our Heavy Lifters

We designed these flexible balloon-like structures to slip between cells, allowing them to slowly release CBD and get where they work best.

Terpenes—Our Button Pushers

Naturally found in plants, these powerful compounds activate the entourage effect (yay, science!) and allow CBD and other botanicals to synergize, playing a key role in unlocking many health benefits.


Don’t believe us? That’s okay: CBD is a tricky subject. But we do have a little backup:

  • “Your product has made the things I do physically in my daily life more enjoyable. Thank you.”

    Patrick G., Strawberry, AZ
  • “I have been using your CBD cream every morning and evening for several days. It definitely seems to be helping. It smells great, and I like the fact that it absorbs quickly and doesn't leave any greasy residue.”

    Janet N., Huntington Beach, CA
  • “I haven't used the lotion in 3 days, and I've been knitting every day for several hours, so your product is working. Thank you.”

    Barb B, Pine, AZ
  • “It helped with the numbness on my feet, and with the pain in my knees and back. It lasts a long time.”

    Rachel S., First Mesa, AZ
  • “For smaller joints of fingers and toes: I've applied in the morning when the soreness is greatest. Rubbing the cream all around the painful joints, while moving them around, really helped to reduce pain quickly and improved joint mobility.”

    Ed R., Ontario, CA
  • “Started your CBD lotion, Applied it once or twice a day. Your CBD is the BEST! By light years. Others never helped my knee, and yours did.”

    Bruce F., Santa Fe, NM


Find the most frequently asked questions below.

Our products are hemp (not marijuana)-derived, and contain only <0.3% THC per the FDA and Department of Agriculture guidelines for being in CBD products.

There are no psychoactive compounds in our products. So don’t expect a high.

No, as our products are cosmetics and are not intended to be used as drugs, which require FDA premarket approval. Under the law, cosmetic products, including those containing CBD, do not require FDA approval before they go to market (with a few exceptions). However, we carefully select the ingredients for our lotions to ensure you receive high-quality, effective products.

So, what’s the difference between them?

Muscle Relief has more menthol, that fragrant compound found in many mints. Menthol is cooling and relaxing to the muscles and the skin. And more comfortable than plunging into an ice bath for muscle relief!

Joint Relief adds an extra fragrant compound, methyl salicylate, from wintergreen plants. This remarkable compound relaxes the tiny blood vessels in the skin, increasing blood flow there. And it quiets pain messages from the joints.

It is an emulsifier, helping blend the oil and water components, and it also helps make the lotion more spreadable.

Is it safe? Yes, according to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), it poses low risk.

Created by us, three leading professionals who really know our plants/plant medicines, these Muscle Relief and Joint Relief lotions bring a rich mix of benefits to the CBD topicals world.

Our pharmacologist, Victor, formulated these two recipes using our new science (incorporating GlycoXanthin and many plant compounds, including terpenes) to create something new--two lotions which not only feel good and smell good, but they do good. For your skin. And for your body. Once you apply them, they are designed to get to where they need to go, and quickly, thanks to Victor’s Envisomes™ transport carriers/molecules.

Like a heirloom recipe, each ingredient contributes to the overall relief experienced with every application. Although they have similar ingredients, it’s all about the details! (For info geeks, you can learn about each ingredient here).

And yes, both have CBD. At 1,500 mg per ounce, we believe we have the most of any topical out there!

Apply as directed, and G.E.T. the relief.

Ready to feel the difference?